About Us

Painted Bunting

Hello, fellow bird lovers! I’m Shaila, founder of the TeretizoTM brand and the Bird BrainsTM trivia game. Birding is a long-time hobby of mine, and while I’ve birdwatched in many places worldwide, the inspiration for this game actually came from my own backyard.

Over the years, I managed to transform a small suburban yard in North Texas into a Certified Wildlife Habitat® and a registered Monarch Waystation. From that backyard alone, I sighted 99 bird species and 37 butterfly species. The process of honing my birding skills and learning more about the environment overall - along with the rising popularity of board games during the pandemic - inspired me to create a trivia game to enable fellow nature lovers to have fun with their birding expertise and maybe even pick up a few more seeds of knowledge along the way.

 All feedback and questions are welcome! Feel free to drop us a line at info@teretizo.com